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Stillages provide a safe and convenient storage solution for any business and are capable of holding a wide variety of products.

Although similar to pallets, stillages have a cage or sides to hold and protect the goods inside, like a box. This makes them ideal for containing bulky or unusually shaped items either for storage or transportation.

Metal stillages are typically made of sheet steel and can take heavy loads. Because they are more robust and longer lasting than stillages made of other materials, itís worth considering these steel stillages if you are looking for a cost effective solution and want to buy used rather than new.

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Stillages, Mesh Stillages

Stillages can provide storage for difficult objects. They offer enormous flexibility, when used in conjunction with the appropriate handling systems. Metal stillages and mesh stillages allow for easy positioning in the workplace. They can make materials handling and other methods easier for an industry operator.

Stillages are available with both and sheet sides. This means that they are suitable for use in a wide variety of industries for the storage of a huge range of products and materials. Types and sizes and can be made to meet the demands of your products and business. Many manufacturers offer a design service for those goods that require modification or re-engineering.

Collapsible steel stillages and mesh stillages have been designed for workplace efficiency. Once the goods have been delivered, the collapsible unit can be reduced. This therefore will save space that would usually be taken up by empty stillages units. In doing this, it will reduce the business costs and increase productivity and profit. These stillages are suitable to save transport of goods. They can be constantly stacked once used and their solid or mesh sides offers protection of the goods in transportation. The rigid structure means that they can hold a variety of objects and when they are not in use, they can be collapsed and stored saving on logistics costs.

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